Slide Dynamic Warning System Product Description

The Inclisafe system calculates the stability of a vehicle in motion and warns if there is a rollover risk.

Inclisafe is individually programmed with the physical parameters of each vehicle. The system works thanks to several sensors that detect and store angular accelerations and other relevant stability parameters. All this data is processed by an algorithm that generates a stability index and determines the performance of the warning system.

The warning system operates on three alarm levels: yellow, orange and red. If the driver does not reach the red zone indicated by the system, the driver will always have a margin of stability, of at least 20%, to react and thus avoid rollover.


Optical and Acoustic Warning Signal

Dinamic Calculation of Vehicle Stability

Individual Programming, according to the physical characteristics of each vehicle

  1. Warning Signal: below 30% stability by means of a visual and acoustic signal whose frequency increases with the risk of tipping.
  2. Spatial Measurement: Vehicle Stability Calculation in relation to the three coordinate axes, taking into account factors such as angular acceleration, lateral acceleration and other additional variables.
  3. Stability calculation: “Inclisafe doesn’t just measure variables, but calculates the current stability of the vehicle” 10 times per second using its own algorithms.
  4. It is the only system that takes into account the Moment of Inertia (how an object rotates around an axis).