Folding and transportable contaiment with a capacity of 12 000L with an aluminium structure, designed to store and exchange water between firefighter pumps.

Designed to set up a water supply point quickly and easily in those places where there is no access to hydrants, rivers or lakes.

In order to make it possible to efficiently empty the tank, Emil 12 is equipped with a drainage tube and has handles inside, which also facilitate the folding and further storage of the product.

It also features corner protectors to prevent the canvas from being caught by the hinges and straps at the top to secure the structure from loads.


Strategy Firefighters Use to Fight Wildfires

Easy to assemble, use and drain

Customizable manufacturing

  1. Emili 12 makes it possible to directly install a water tank in forest areas where there are no hydrants. It is an indispensable logistical resource in the fight against wildfires.
  2. Thanks to its lightweight aluminium structure, the tank can be quickly transported, assembled and disassembled by two firemen (weight 50 kg).
  3. Product manufacture can be adapted to the customer’s needs: capacity (L), materials, structure and identity of the fire brigade (canvas colour and logo).
  4. The fire extinguishing basin can be optionally purchased with specially designed accessories to increase the performance of the product: Exhalation hose, Exhalation valve and support for the hydrant supply line.