SEC system is an innovative stabilisation system for rescue operations in road traffic. It was developed by firemen for firemen.

The SEC system not only stabilises the accident vehicle, but also automatically compensates for the height when lifting or removing parts of the vehicle.

In other words, the vehicle is automatically re-stabilised. The system optimises the rescue of injured persons, replaces the use of traditional wooden blocks and considerably shortens the rescue time.


Easy and Fast Application

Obstacle-Free Working Area


Optimal for the 3 Basic Stabilisations

  1. Easy and Fast Application.
  2. It makes rescue work easier for the firefighter, as the Area of Operation Remains Free of Obstacles.
  3. Automatic Re-Stabilisation of the vehicle every 2.5 mm. SEC
    avoids the manual re-stabilisation of the vehicle, optimises the process and reduces the rescue time.
  4. It can be used for the 3 Basic Stabilisations: Vehicle on the wheels, on the roof and on the side. SEC is complementary with the “Stab Fast” for the lateral position.